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Holidays in Asia – Jan / Feb 2014

Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand Everything is firming up very nicely. Accommodations and friends are more or less all lined up. In Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) ,I am really looking forward to stay with Jean Wei and Jim. I have … Continue reading

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ISS Station

A photo from Hannover taken from the ISS station a few days ago. The snow is all gone now of course and let us hope it stays that way. It reminds me of a video tour of the space station I … Continue reading

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Weather today

I am afraid, spring has not arrived yet. One hears from the farming community that the vegetation is now 4 weeks behind. I have not seen any sign of activity in the fields. I guess I’ll have to keep inside … Continue reading

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That’s how it works…

Now I understand how a jet engine works. In really it has a lot of wings which flap up and down. Like a bumble bee really.

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South America

It looks like I shall be going to South America soon. It has been a while since the last time. Andean countries, here I come. Of course the big question now is: How far is Quito from Bora Bora? I … Continue reading

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My 2 years in Shanghai

My 2 years in Shanghai Finally remembered the password. I can now start updating this Blog. Where should I find the time for all this?

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Holidays on my mind…

Not my best holiday ever at the time,so maybe one should go back and try again.

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Eddie Izzard

Did I mention I am going to see Eddie’s new show next month in Brighton. He is absolutely brilliant (unless he speaks French). I follow him on Twitter too.

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Posterous will turn off on April 30

As mentioned earlier on: “Posterous launched in 2008. Our mission was to make it easier to share photos and connect with your social networks. Since joining Twitter almost one year ago, we’ve been able to continue that journey, building features … Continue reading

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I am in need of a holiday…

A bit of sunshine and heat is all I need…

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