Holiday USA – Day 1

A very early start to catch the first flight to Amsterdam. A very nice welcome there. They have obviously realised that I am a frequent traveler and spend my life at this airport. lol


A long wait there but fortunately in the lounge, thanks to a very useful platinum card, before one could board this bird direction Chicago.


My first time in KLM economy comfort and I cannot say I am very impressed. There is 10cm more leg room and that is basically it. I found it quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless a good trip with a fair amount of wine.

Watched a couple of films and one I liked in particular (I have been wanting to watch it) “La famille Bélier”. Typical French film. Good fun.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 07.12.36

There is a new system for customs where you have to scan your passport yourself at one of many kiosks, finger prints & photo too before printing a small document to give to the customs officer. It took no time at all to get through.

Picked up the rental car at Alamo. Upgraded to a Chevy Camaro which should be quite nice for the next 2 weeks.


Made it to our friends in Naperville. Great house bordering the golf course. Should have brought my gear. On the other hand I was told that the membership fee is $1.500 a WEEK...


Anyway, having not seen them in over 20 years, we had loads to chat about and a great amount of wine was consumed too.

A long but satisfying day.

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