Holiday USA – Day 6

Quite a long trip today heading South / South East from St Louis. So we are leaving Route 66 which we followed from Chicago but now veers to the west.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 18.01.28



A bit of a problem to start with as the car keys could not be found. I was not in charge is all I can say. One remained calm I have to add. All was OK in the end but a good 30′ lost.

Then there was a light in the car indicating low air pressure in 1 or more tyres. No problem for a tyre man. I was however shocked to find out that it costs $1 at the machine (only quarters accepted) to get some air.

The trip took us from Missouri back to Illinois, then Kentucky and finally Tennessee.

Driving conditions absolutely terrible with really heavy rain at times.

Had a quick stop for lunch at Paducah in Kentucky which has a small but historic town centre.





Back on the road and the rain with almost no visibility at times and yet many cars drivers do not put their lights on. I fail to understand.

The sky cleared up 50 kms from Nashville where we have arrived. It is nice and hot and I am in serious need of a cold one.


On my way to the bar to make a plan for later this evening and tomorrow.


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