Holiday USA – Day 8

A long day today from Nashville Tennessee down to Alabama and across back to South Tennessee to Memphis.

You cannot spend time in Tennessee without a quick visit to Jack Daniel



A hundred miles South is the US Rocket and Space Centre. A must visit.


Loads of stuff to be seen, from one (test) space shuttle



to one of the 3 remaining Saturn V rocket and believe me, it is really impressive. It is hard to imagine a crew sitting in an Apollo capsule at the top of it. amazing. (Why it looks a little bit like the leaning tower of Pisa is due to the person taking the photo)


The size and power of the engines is hard to comprehend.


Went to the iMax too and could have stayed there for a few more hours. However the plan was to make it to Memphis which is almost 4 hours away.

And that is exactly what happened. Arrived at the Heartbreak Hotel around 18:30.



Ordered a chauffeur in the pink Cadillac for 19:30


to take us to Marlowe’s

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 22.39.36

had the ribs of course and a couple of Scotches on the rocks. Never had Scotch served in such glasses and in such quantity. I did not complain.

IMG_2229 (1)


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