The refugees’ office had initially expected 450,000 asylum seekers in 2015 but had to revise its forecast to an unprecedented 500,000 people. According to “Der Tagesspiegel” newspaper, unofficial “internal numbers” at BAMF have estimated that Germany will receive as many as 600,000 asylum applications in 2015.

It is not easily done I agree and there is some notable resentment here and there. Each region / land has been allocated a quota and each town / village is obliged to find housing and integration solutions.

The small town I live in is to find space for 65 refugees now. Not an easy task but for sure it will be done. Hannover and region has to accept 5.000.


There are currently between 4.000 and 5.000 refugees in Calais wanting to go to the UK. One would think it should be possible to find solutions.


Maybe not doing as much as it should, however the fact remains last year total approval in France of refugees was 68,000 – that is more than twice the figure of the UK.

Who is the bad one?

There is on top a unacceptable critic level from the Brits and the British press over the French in Calais. All the refugees are courageous people who braved a lot to get to Europe. All this to end up in a cage? One cannot simply shut the door. It is a moral issue.

The UK is trailing in Europe for the intake of refugees. With their past as an empire, they should lead the way.


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