Successful weekend

Last week end was indeed very pleasant and full of activities all this accompanied by a superb weather.

It all started on Friday evening when I had the pleasure of mixing a few drinks at the local tennis club.

A few (more than a few in fact) drinks were had by all.

Saturday a birthday party / lunch time BBQ in Wedemark. What a lovely place that is. Thank you to the hosts for the excellent food and organization. My turn to drive so no drink for me.

Meanwhile back home the yearly townfest weekend is going full blast. Three bands playing at the same time in different corners of the town centre. Loads and loads of people. Met up with about every one I know and more. Great evening.

Sunday Golf in Hameln (Hamelin in English and is best known for the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin). It is also the home of my golf club.

 Great game on a very nice course.

Back early evening in time to go for the last couple of hours at the townfest.

To close the weekend a couple of drinks sitting outside with a couple of next door neighbors?

How was your weekend?

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