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WordPress uploading to Facebook via Twitter

It would appear according to my research that is accessible in China (still) according to which is an excellent tool by the way. So if my VPN (which I shall not name here) does not work, I should be … Continue reading

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Shanghai, here I come.

First thing I will do is get a belly full of dumplings. This is one thing I have really missed during the past 5 years.

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That articles really expresses my thoughts.

Not a pretty picture for America and as I keep saying, I just feel sorry for the service men and women and their families who are thrown into unnecessary wars. Russia Follows U.S. Script And Intervenes In Syria: Vladimir Putin … Continue reading

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Who is to blame?

After yet another senseless, appalling gun massacre in America, there are myriad people and entities at whom we could justly level an accusing finger. There’s the shooter himself, obviously; a pathetic, spotty, bespectacled, anxious, friendless, screwed-up weirdo named…oh forget it, … Continue reading

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