New house in France (March 2016)

The main objectives were to:

  • transport a few bits of furniture which were in storage in Avignon
  • get more quotes for the planned swimming pool and if possible order it

It all went as planned. The van was rented in Avignon after trouble free flights from Hannover to Paris, Paris Marseille followed by a short ride in the fast TGV train to Avignon.

Met up with my friend Klaus the next day to load up the van and drive to Carcassonne.


Two days later we went to Cavalaire to pick up a table I have had my eyes on since years. The view from the flat in Cavalaire is always a delight.


Time to make the 400 kms west the following day with stops in Bandol and lovely Cassis for lunch.



Back in Carcassonne and in between admiring the view from the old cite with the Pyrenees mountains covered in snow in the background,


it is also time to do some serious planning regarding the swimming pool. Thanks to Klaus’ magical touch and the help from his office we are quickly able to draw a couple of plans for further discussions with the possible builders.


(Apparently men cope better with the drawing above and women with the drawing below)


In any case I am pleased to announce that a swimming pool was ordered and pending planning permission we should have it functional this summer…

Back in Hannover since yesterday with a few hard weeks in front of me work wise.



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