Swimming pool

Day 9 – Thursday May 26th

No World visible but à lot of noise to be Heard

Day 8 – Wednesday May 25th

Action day. The concrete is being poured in.

Day 7 – Tuesday May 24th

Day 6 – Monday May 23rd


Day 5 – Friday May 20th

Now that the hole is ready, the first concrete foundations can be laid


as well as the structure elements sound the pool. Good progress in 5 days I reckon.


Day 4 – Thursday May 19th

A new “smaller” digger and final measurements by the looks of it.


Will the hole be finished today I wonder.


Day 3 – Wednesday May 18th

The swimming pool people sent me the first photos of the work in progress in the new house in Carcassonne. One can see clearly the opening they made in the wall to get the digger inside.



It looks like the digging is almost finished. I expect it will be over by the end of the week.



Day 2Tuesday May 17th

Clearing up and demolishing the pond.



and then the digging started.

IMG_0803 (1).jpg

Day 1 Friday May 13th

I have installed a webcam inside the house and can look from my phone on line at the progress. On the 1st day I heard a lot of noise but did not see much action. I believe they were breaking down the wall to the street in order to be able to bring their equipment in.IMG_0791.jpg

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