My Xmas card


Dear friends and family,

I am going to use the more modern way of doing things and post this year’s Christmas card on the web.

Every year I promise myself to keep in touch with all of you and despite emails, Facebook, Twitter I do not manage very well.

This passing year 2016 is a particularly weird one. It is my last year at work. Indeed I am retiring in January next year and moving down to Carcassonne in France in February. We sold our house in Germany a few days ago so the point of no return has been reached.

Am I worried? You bet I am. I do not know anyone down there. I simply wanted a new, maybe last project. I also think that the weather is more clement and I always wanted a swimming pool which I had built earlier this year.

It also means leaving behind the whole family, children and grand children. The grand kids are growing so fast. I am sure however that they will come and visit us like they did last summer.


Workwise, it was the usual overseas trips, some of which were to China where I was lucky to meet some of my old friends from the time I use to live there. I really enjoyed that.

Otherwise I have spent as much time as possible working from home. I am so fortunate to be able to do that. And since we had a brilliant spring and summer this year, most of it was done outside.


I did not play golf as much as I should have. There is no excuse really apart from these overseas trips and the need (my theory) to travel there at the weekend to be fresh on the Monday and use the full working week to fly back the following weekend. I am a fool.

On the private side, apart for one trip to Carcassonne last February and the summer holidays also there, we had an excellent few days doing a round trip to Leipzig, Dresden and Prague. Well worth a visit.

Stay safe and healthy.

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