Impending move


I have been relatively quiet for the past few days.

Preparations for the impending move in 10 days are well under way. I would estimate that more than 70% is packed already.

Both cars are now sold.

There are a few administrative things still open. UK pensions for example. Nothing seems to be straight forward on the island, so inefficient compared to Germany and France on that score anyway.

Some concerns on how medical stuff / doctors function in France. So a trip to the “Caisse Primaire” will be top priority. This despite the fact that my German “National Insurance” insists that they will cover us 100% just as if we were still living in Germany. They just need confirmation from the “Caisse Primaire” that we are registered in France and they will send us European cards. I simply cannot believe it is that easy. Next step will be to find  doctors. Just in case I am taking enough pills to last me till May when

There are a few goodbye drinks and dinners planned still. Nothing wrong with that.

Did I mention that it is a treat to be retired. OK I admit I have been doing a bit of work and was in the office this week and have 3 meetings next week. But the no-pressure factor is simply fantastic.

Where did this week go I ask myself.

Looking forward to next week except for the forthcoming goodbyes to friends and family.


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