Figues (in French)

My little fig tree has been producing quite a few small and sweet fruits. They rippen in a matter of hours and I am glad none of the birds have caught on yet. There is nothing better than a fresh fig.

Figues de Barbarie

I love those as well. A completely different origin since they originate from the cactus family (originally from Mexico and introduced in Southern Europe by the Spanish).

Anyway they were some to be had at the fruit and veg market this morning. Had one at lunch time. Delicious. They are apparently available between August and October. I feel like a special diet coming on. All in moderation of course.


I came across a blog from a fellow Diabetes Type II sufferer who appears to appreciate figs as well.

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2 Responses to Figs

  1. Gerard says:

    En Iran, les figues sont également appelées “fruit de paradis”

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