Almost one year

At this time last year we were frantically packing as well as going from one leaving party to the other.

We arrived in Carcassonne late evening on February 14th.

Much has happened since. Basically I can say that we have settled in quite nicely. We have had a fair amount of visitors and we have visited many places in the area. We have also spent a fair amount of time in Spain which is so conveniently situated at less than 2 hours drive.

I cannot recall how many different wines we have tasted but I know we have not even made a dent on the offer available in this region. Last wine tasting at our local le Verre d’Un was last evening. Pleasant evening with a couple of friends and we were happy to meet Bill and David from << Lets live in France >>. I hope we meet again.

The next official wine tasting, with wines from the well known and imposant Raymond, is on March 7th. One can only like these mid-week outing. I did mention I was retired did I not?

Resolutions for 2018. Basically meet more people and make friends. To achieve this, I have done 3 things so far in January:

  1. Joined the local Rotary Club. I have been accepted and my official intronisation will be on March 8th. I have nevertheless been to a get-to-know-each-other dinner with a few of the guys and I can tell you that we are going to get along fine.
  2. Joined the local Golf Club. I intend to take part in the life of the club and play golf of course. It is a beautiful golf club with amazing views on the Pyrenees which are all covered in snow at the moment.
  3. Joined the local Old Car Club called 5A. After all I have a 39 years old Citroen Mehari sitting in the garage.

The last resolution is to concentrate even more than today on local buying and local products. I am more than prepared to wait 2 or 3 weeks for vegetables to be available from local production rather than buying imports.

I have also decided to reduce to a minimum my purchases on Amazon. Walk to the shop and talk to people has got to be a better way. We must keep the local communities and town centres alive.

On the horizon so far:

  • First visitor from Germany next week. My best friend in fact.
  • I am organising a 50 years May 68 reunion with by old school pals.
  • Trip to Germany early June
  • Le Mans Classic weekend in July
  • Family (daughter and grand children) in Carcassone in July
  • Two weeks in Corsica together with friends early September

I feel it is going to be a busy year.

Must stop now and go to the Thursday market as well as get some bread.

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