Sète 2018

Took a little drive to Sète this morning where the bi-yearly “Escale” is taking place for the 5th time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 15.40.31.png

A lot of traditional boats and ships and a few most impressing tall ships.


This one is a beauty



Most impressive is the longest sailing ship I have ever seen.

Sailing under Russian flag the Krusenstern is a four-masted barque that was built in 1926 in Bremerhaven, Germany and is 114,4 meters long.

She was surrendered to the USSR in 1946 as war reparation.

It now serves as a school ship.



The star for me however is “Hermione”.

A precise replica of the ship which took the Marquis de Lafayette (real name: Gilbert du Motier) to the Americas to support against the British.



By the way, all ships can be visited for a few Euros.

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