So Mark Zuckerberg (Sugar Mountain in English) did admit to quite a few things during the past 2 days hearing in the US congress.

It is a shame that the congress persons who interviewed him had, for the most part, absolutely no idea on social networks and how Facebook might even work.

As a result, Mr Zuckerberg was able to dodge around a lot of questions. He did however kind of admitted that personal information is made available to advertising companies. I am deliberately not saying “sold” as I believe there is some kind of arrangements with these companies is still not yet clear.

What also transpired, is that Facebook follows you and your browsing data even when you are not logged in to your account. That is quite unacceptable. It is not known to which extent either. Mr Zuckerberg said they keep the data for a short while only. That is far too long for me in any case.

I have often wondered after I checked a product onAmazon for instance, I would see that product advertised on my Facebook page.

Seriously considering closing everything down. What is sure is that I shall use maybe my phone only to check on Facebook and browse from another computer where Facebook is not installed.

I am convinced Google is doing exactly the same and gathers as much information as possible. So I have stopped using Google and am currently testing others like DuckDuckGo.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.10.06.png

Ideally I would like a company with European servers. I shall get back to you on that when I have done a bit more research.


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