Closing Facebook

Just in case you’re not aware, Facebook isn’t a social networking website. In other words, as Edward Snowden says, it’s a surveillance company. It knows which places you visit, which advertisements you’ve interacted with, or what your friends are doing and eating. The recent Cambridge Analytica debacle has reinforced the notion that Facebook could be misused to profile users and sell their data. As a result, #deletefacebook is trending and it’s high time you get rid of your account.

Dear friends, I have therefore decided to close my FACEBOOK account. It has been a good way to communicate and keep in touch with my friends all around the world but I can no longer accept that my data and habits are sold to the highest bidders and advertising companies.

FACEBOOK has also been proven guilty of allowing misleading advertisements which are influencing minds in times of elections. Their response is totally inadequate.

I shall download all my data, photos and contacts. I shall keep my blogs running.

I need to find a solution for some Facebook pages I had created for clubs and associations although I strongly recommend they should be transferred to standard and private home pages.

I have started the cleaning and backing up process. My deadline is end of August but I am already informed it takes 90 days for Facebook to delete everything . In the meantime you can send me your email address via this blog.

Next on the list is GOOGLE and a few other American sites.

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