Day 1

Very pleasant drive from Carcassone to Marseille. Just over two and a half hours. Arrived just in time for lunch.

Found a nice restaurant au Vallon des Auffes



It took a while to board the ship. One and a half hour delay for departure in fact. Arrival time is nevertheless still scheduled tomorrow at 8am.

The cabin is pleasant enough and comfortable.

Day 2

Ajaccio arrival early in the morning

We quickly find Porticcio a few kilometers away and across the bay from Ajaccio.

It is quickly decided to have a beach day.

Lunch at the beach

A little bit of shopping is required before we head up the hill to find our accommodation for the coming week.

What a nice place and the view is incredible

Apéro Time and being in Corsica, a couple of my favorite local pastis is a must

Day 3 – Ajaccio

Is there a better way to discover a town is on foot from one shopping street to the other. Past monuments like the tribute to the most famous town’s son: Napoleon

From there on to the Sunday market

Lunchtime is quickly upon us. So it is back direction the port. Some lovely houses on the way.

Pleasant light lunch accompanied by a few glasses of rosé.

Then retreat home by the pool to digest and indulge in a little nap.

Before you know, it is apéritif time sitting outside on the large balcony and admiring the view.

Plans are being made for the next day.

Day 4

Day 5

A rainy day. Stayed at home most of the day watching Netflix films. Although the apartment is nice and new, it lacks a comfortable space to lounge around.

Some shopping late afternoon in Ajaccio.

I like that town. There are unexpected beautiful houses and gardens.

Dîner out at the beach. The clouds have gone.

It is our 42nd wedding anniversary after all.

Day 6

The sun is back. Blue sky, no clouds, ideal beach day.

Another pleasant lunch at one of the beach restaurants, this time l’Escale.

In the afternoon we were treated to another practice ballet of a Catalina.

(Link to the video coming shortly)

Late afternoon and evening at home. Too lazy to go out for dinner.

Day 7

Another beach day in perspective. Quite a few more people in town by the looks of it. I wonder if it has to do with the 2 cruise ships which have arrived in Ajaccio overnight.

Lunch at l’Escale for the second day running

followed by a quick nap on the beach

before going home for a quiet late afternoon/evening. Plenty of sunshine on the terrace.

Day 8

After a week (already) here, today is our last full day in Porticcio/Ajaccio.

The weather is nice and one has to make the most of it, so it is time to hit the beach.

Tried the restaurant “La Plage Blanche” for lunch which was very pleasant.

Back to the beach in the afternoon for a digestive nap.

Quiet last evening at home.

Day 9

Today we leave Ajaccio to cross the island and take possession of the next apartment which will be ours for a week.

It took two and a half hour on mountain roads to reach Porto Vecchio.

Made it in time for lunch.

In the evening, our friends A&S arrived from Germany via Ajaccio. Their suitcase was still at Paris airport.

It did not stop us having a very pleasant evening. We drank all the rosé we had.

Day 10

Took a short walk, this morning, up the hill to have a look at the old town. It is only a few minutes away and looks quite pleasant.

Time to explore some of the beaches and find a place for lunch.

Back in the old town of Porto Vecchio which has a lot to offer.

Evening and dinner at home. We A and myself cracked the whisky bottle open.

Day 11

The plan was to go and explore Bonifacio and indeed this is what happened. What a good idea that was, the place is really impressive.

Great views

Took a boat trip to explore the many calanques and caves.

A super day out. We all came back shattered and stayed home for the evening.

Day 12

Beach day today.

Excellent lunch at the beach restaurant

And some more sun bathing and spending time in the clear and warm water.

All in all a very pleasant day…

Day 13

Sun is nice and strong today, time to explore a new beach. So we headed to Tamaricciu beach.

Listening to some of my favorite tracks

Great place for lunch

Followed by a nice walk along the rocks

Some nice places to be tried another time

Day 14

Last day in Porto Vecchio, back to Ajaccio and mainland tomorrow. So a last day at the beach is essential. It probably will be the last one of the year too.

Got to find our way there first.

Not many people here today

Pleasant lunch at I Pini

Followed by a last nap at the beach

Old town in the evening for dinner and night cap

Day 15

Time to go home. The first leg is the tortuous roads over the mountains back to Ajaccio.

Very pleasant boat again for the return trip





Arrived in Marseille at 7am the next day after the 12 hours crossing. We were out of the boat at 07:15 and immediately on our way home to Carcassonne which we reached at 10am.

It was a very nice holiday although I was a bit disappointed with the accomodations.

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