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I was lucky enough to spend more time in Marseille last week. A too short 36 hours visit mind you. The objective was to meet up with friends for a nice lunch of bouillabaisse and have a good natter.


Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 16.39.57.pngIt does not take too long to drive from Carcassonne. Just under 3 hours is required at a leisurely pace. We went straight to the hotel we had booked in order to drop the car and the overnight bag.

The view from our hotel bedroom over the “vieux port” was excellent. The room itself was a bit of a squeeze but comfortable enough and at the price we paid for such a location I shall certainly not complained.

It is a 10 minutes ride by taxi along the Corniche to the “Vallon des Auffes” where our restaurant “chez FonFon” is located.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 16.52.26.png Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 16.52.51.png

It is one of the top restaurant in Marseille for fish. We ordered the bouillabaisse and a bottle of wine for aperitif. A few minutes later the waitress came along with a large plate of fresh fish which were to be cooked for our meal. We had a clear description of each one and were asked at the end if we were ok if the chef was to fillet the fish on our behalf. No objection with that.

And then it came. Your large plate of bouillon accompanied by your own plate of cooked fish. A bouillabaisse is not complete without toasted bread and a few pots of “rouille” as well as “aioli”.

Every so often , the waitress would come along to offer more bouillon.


What can I say, it was a treat. More wine was ordered, the atmosphere was good. We all enjoyed it. A couple of “cafés gourmands” to finish and we were ready to go. Not a cheap lunch but well worth it once in a while.

We drove around for a short while and our friends dropped us back at the “vieux port”. They had a couple of hours drive in front of them.

We spent most of the evening sitting at the terrace of a bistrot watching the world go by, boats coming in and the sun going down.

The big wheel was being set up.

By the time we left the next day, all the gondoles were up.


Now that is a sailing ship I would like to have…


I do not know many places in the world which offer such a view…


I’ll be back soon.


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