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Filling up

Went to fill up earlier today. Prices are unchanged for “regular” red wine.

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Mechanic JJ

The rubber rings I had ordered have arrived and I can replace the old ones which hold the hood of my Méhari. For those of you familiar with the old Citroën 2CV, these are exactly the same rubber rings which … Continue reading

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During the past week or so there is a spate of fake messages from so-called “Facebook”. Be extremely careful. This is dangereous malware. These messages are coming from or other fake accounts. I have suspended my Facebook account a … Continue reading

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Holiday in Morocco

My first and only visit to Morocco till now was almost 50 years ago and it consisted of a short visit of 2 days with a couple of my friends to Tangier. We were holidaying in southern Spain at the … Continue reading

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Safe enough?

WhatsApp? As part of my efforts to eliminate both Google and Facebook from my software arsenal due to their proven records of being unsafe, collecting and selling mis-appropriated data, distributing false information (the list goes on and on), I am … Continue reading

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Fibre broadband

Further to my previous post on the subject, I just had the visit from a sales representative  who did not have much difficulty selling me the idea to switch to fibre optic. I am not really fully available in February … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

  to all my Chinese and lunar calendar adept friends

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