Easter in Hannover

Day 1

Early start in Wednesday to drive to Toulouse airport to catch the first flight to Frankfurt.


Day 2

For the first time today I had the pleasure of driving an all electric car.

This little Peugeot belongs to my daughter and it is a little gem in town. It has tremendous acceleration which is a pleasure getting away from traffic lights. Another big advantage is that one does not have to pay to park here in Hannover. I do not know however if it is the same in all German towns. I have been considering switching to electric lately and today was a plus towards a decision.

Not so pleasant was being dragged through shops for shoes and clothing.

Walking in town is always a pleasure when the weather is nice. The architecture is so different.

Lunch in the Markhalle was good. It is a must for me when I return to Germany.

And of course we met up yet again in the evening with many friends in our local pub.

Day 3

Lazy start of the day. Late breakfast outside in the garden. Temperature in the mid-twenties are expected today. Not bad for north Germany.

Day 4

The traditional “Easter Bon Fire”. A chance to meet old friends and have a couple of beers.

Day 5

Easter Sunday. Expecting the whole family to turn up for lunch. Another beautiful and sunny day by the looks of it. Enjoying my morning coffee outside.

Day 6

Fairly lazy day till the evening when we met up with the gang for the first barbecue of the season.

One of my favourite whisky

Day 7

Another beautiful day and therefore a trip to town was on the cards. The bus services are really excellent. On time, clean and comfortable.


Quite a few people in town on the shopping streets



I would have liked to spend more time in this shop. Unfortunately travelling homey plane with hand luggage only does not permit me to take bottles with me.


One of the highlights is always lunch, especially when it is warm enough to sit outside.


and of course when in Germany a Curry Wurst and a bier are a must.


Day 8


Departure day. Being at Hannover airport brought back many memories. I use to spend so much time there.

Quick stop over in Frankfurt


Good to be be back home though. I need a few days relaxing before the next adventures.

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