Pirates on the horizon

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There will not be the traditional exchange of “muguet” (lily of the valley) on this May 1st bank holiday as we are off on our travels again.

In my case, one week in the lovely seaside town of Brixham in Devon (UK) where not only my very good friends Chris and Julia live but also the time of year for the famous annual Pirate Festival.

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We are being joined there by our 4 German friends and it will be, I am convinced, a memorable few days.

→ Day 1 – Wednesday May 1st

I am somehow expecting possible and diverse troubles from the so-called Gilets Jaunes protests and will take no risk for the car trip from Carcassonne to Toulouse airport. Although the flight to Bristol is not until late afternoon, a mid-morning departure is my preference. A stop at the “Nailloux Outlet Village” and a relaxed lunch in Toulouse town centre is planned.

Weston-super-Mare Spreyton Guest House

→ Day 2 – Thursday May 2nd

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 16.29.36.png

→ Day 3 – Friday May 3rd

Did some shopping in the morning for more Gin and a few bottles of wine and had a walk around town before hitting the pub at lunchtime waiting for A & S to arrive.

They did around 1pm.

Took the ferry across the bay to Torquay in the afternoon.

Did not have a long time to spend there as we needed to get the last ferry back to Brixham. Enough time for a walk around town and a beer.

In the evening we were joined by C & J in the very pleasant Lytehouse restaurant.

Screenshot 2019-05-05 at 10.28.16.png

The owner Catherine remembered me from my first and last visit there 2 years ago. Apparently we had quite a discussion about “Gougères”


→ Day 4 – Saturday May 4th

Pirates Festival day 1 of 3

Basically the town is overrun by loads of people dressed up as pirates. Here is very small selection of pics (more will be uploaded in the Cloud very soon.

Finished the day with a very good BBQ at C & J’s house. Guess who fell down some stairs on the way home!!! A black eye yet again and a bloody nose. I cannot blame the few Gin & Tonics we had.

Screenshot 2019-05-05 at 10.37.42.png

→ Day 5 – Sunday May 5th

The plan to catch the ferry to go to Dartmouth but for some reason no services running today. The alternative which we chose is bus (double Decker of course) to Paignton to catch the old steam train to Kingswear and finally the ferry for the short trip across the river Dart.

All this followed by a river cruise.

I particularly liked that house with the boat hanging outside. It also shows clearly how high the water does go at high tide.

Back on terra ferma, a walk in town to my favorite pub in Dartmouth.

Took a cab back to Brixham and went up to C & J’s house for a few drinks, BBQ et games of billiards.

We were not too late home.

→ Day 6 – Monday May 6th

Moved to C & J’s house in the morning. P & K left for Canterbury and A & S left for Cornwall.

Enjoying sitting outside in the garden to try and decide where to go for lunch.

Walked down to the marina for a spot of lunch.

Followed by a walk to the end of the pier

and then into town for the last day of the pirate´s festival. Being a bank holiday and having fairly decent weather means that there are still plenty of people around.

I love this Gin van

→ Day 7 – Tuesday May 7th

It has been maybe 3 decades since I have done a cross country train journey in the UK. I have to say that past experiences during my working years were not that positive. Delays and cancellations were often the order of the day. But today I have to travel up north to Manchester and I do not have much alternatives.

It is a 5 hour trip but the train is quite comfortable.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 17.04.07And since I have to fly out on Wednesday from Manchester Airport, I chose to stay at a fairly convenient hotel and namely the Holiday Inn Express Manchester Airport.

Saw my friends G & S in the evening. We went out for a Italian dinner. It was nice to catch up.

→ Day 8 – Wednesday May 8th

Not a very good night last night. Will go to the airport after breakfast and this concludes this blog entry.

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