Hospital stay

Day 1

I walked in the emergency room a few hours ago on the telephone strong recommendation of my doctor after he received himself a call from the blood test people I had visited less than an hour before.

My hemoglobin levels are far too low.

I did not have to wait long before I was admitted, put on drip and scheduled for blood transfusions later in the day.

I have been transferred to a private room where I am currently absorbing the last blood pouch of the day after which I shall be allowed done dinner.

I have to stay overnight as an investigative procedure is scheduled under full anaesthesia tomorrow morning.

I am very impressed with the level of care and friendly assistance. It does not make me like hospitals any better and I am not looking forward to tomorrow’s procedure or should I say the results.

And of course it is free of charge

Day 2

I am awake and not sure what is happening and when.

A few hours later I had an endoscopy done and some minimal cauterizing was needed in places.

I shall have to stay for a few more nights to make sure all is well. So I am getting ready for it all and setting up my hospital bed media center.

Day 3

Starting early after a not so good night. Basically I need food. It has been almost 48 hours since I have had something solid to eat.

And it looks like I am not allowed any breakfast, not even a cup of coffee or tea.

No lunch either…

My home for the next few days

Not quite right, I am allowed some Joghurt for lunch and of course a delicious pouch of fresh blood.

Third pouch since I arrived.

Guess what, joghurt again for dinner.

Joghurt and fromage blanc bonanza

Day 4

I actually slept brilliantly. The best I have had for months. I wonder if the fact I used earplugs to block all noises had something to do with it. Must try again tonight. It was a bit of a shame that I had to be woken up at 6am for my first blood test of the day and again at 7am for the early morning parameters check.

The other bit of good news however is that, it would appear, I am allowed normal food again and I just finished a normal breakfast. Typical French mind you, a bowl of café au lait with biscottes and butter. It tasted wonderful after 3 days of practically nothing.

Hemoglobin level going up gently but not yet at a correct level. So blood transfusion #4 is on the go.

Vintage O+ 2019

I shall have to stay over the weekend.


I was expecting a proper lunch, how stupid of me!!! Despite the fact my ticket clearly announces a menu (see pic below), all I have been given is a clear broth and a joghurt. This time I shall demand explanations.

So instead of food why not a load of this Iron Bru.

I can vouch to the fact it is strong and powerful stuff. I had been warned.

I have expanded my multi media set up with the addition of my laptop. It is easier to type with and select / crop and generally work on pics.

I now have 4 screens to play with

Dinner did have some food, not much, but food. Again a broth and weirdly potato purée. I cannot think of a worse choice for a diabetic. I shall write a constructive complaint to the hospital.

Quiet (too quiet) evening watching TV. I must find a way tomorrow to “escape” and go for a walk.

Day 5

It has in fact just started and I cannot find sleep. I am therefore checking Twitter, emails and updating this blog. All done from my phone I might add.

The first wake up call is in 5 hours.

Screenshot 2019-10-19 at 09.11.35.pngIndeed it all started just before 6 am. It is now 9 am and I have had blood samples taken, all the parameters checked. I had my shower which is feat with all the tubes plugged in my arm. I had breakfast. And bliss, all the cables have been taken out. My veins were beginning to “complain”. As a result I am able to dress normally and not wear those, maybe practical for other things, hospital gowns which are open at the back.

Sitting on my bed, watching the news, catching up with the usual absurdities in Twitter (I think I shall have to give that up sooner or later.

Lunch was a normal menu which was nice for a change. In the afternoon, free from cables and tubes I went out to the cafeteria and had a coffee outside in the fresh air. Walking around felt good as well.

The hospital is not brand new but looks good and modern.

The doctor on duty just showed his nose. It was actually the surgeon who took care of me. Apart from the fact I am very impressed with the man, he told me that the decision on further proceedings will be taken tomorrow based on the results of the scheduled blood test. If all is stable I might be able to go home as early as tomorrow although it is always tricky to get the appropriate paperwork done since it is Sunday.

Dinner was again a full menu, not brilliant food but acceptable.

  1. Vegetables soup
  2. Hard boiled egg with mayonnaise
  3. Pasta with tomato sauce
  4. Grilled aubergines
  5. Quark / White cheese
  6. Fruit compote non sweetened
  7. Bread

Apparently all this for 1.800 calories and suitable for a diabetic. I personally would normally avoid pasta despite the fact I live it.

Tried to watch something on TV but had to go to sleep fairly early around 9pm.

Day 6

Early start 5.40 am with the guy next door having blood samples taken. I was expecting to be next but two hours later I am still waiting. Anyway, it gives me the opportunity to laze in bed a little longer.

Little argument with the nurses right now because apparently no blood test is scheduled for today despite what I have been told by the doctors since a couple of days.

As I walk down the corridor to stretch, I bump into the doc, we shake hands and he asks me if they have taken my blood samples earlier. Obviously not. I follow him to the office and computer where he confronts the nurse I had a go at with his prescription and the fact I was scheduled for a blood test. He also says ” The man is ready to go home and I do not want to stop him”.

Fifteen minutes later, the nurse is by my bed taking some blood and re-installing a drip!!! saying more iron was scheduled. I saw with my own eyes on the screen that was not the case but since I have to wait for at least a couple of hours for the blood test results I might as well tank up with some beneficial iron.

The doc is going to do his official round in a while and I cannot wait to see his reaction. Best have my breakfast before my coffee gets cold.

He came and told me I was ready to go home.

– The end –

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