Microsoft fiasco

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 13.18.54.pngFor years I have been using Wunderlist on my iPhone as well as my two Apple computers. They synchronise via iCloud without an issue and all tasks are immediately transferred to my native calendars. It is one of the best App I use.

Imagine my surprise when I started the App this morning to add a Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 13.20.51.png of tasks I thought about to see a message that Wunderlist is now part of Microsoft and I should switch to Microsoft ToDo App.

Reluctantly, more by curiosity than anything else I download ToDo onto my iPhone. It gives me an option to import the data from Wunderlist. I do this. To test I add a couple of tasks, so far so good. I look into my calendar and of course none of the new tasks are to be seen. I checked on line for tips but I have not found anything of value. All I can see is that ToDo syncs with Outlook… This is horror pure for me.

I found that Wunderlist has a helpline on Twitter so I wrote to them.

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 13.43.08.png

Now waiting for an answer. I do believe however that the Wunderlist people have made a lot of cash selling out to Microsoft and they could not give a monkey anymore to the loyal and supportive customers they have had till now.

In the meantime I shall look at possible alternatives. I read that TickTick is pretty smooth. I might test that.

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