Most annoying

Just received this email from the SNCF (Train).  My plan was to go to La Rochelle where I am due to meet a couple of friends for a couple of days.

Most annoying is that:

  1. They do not give any alternatives. There could be a bus service organised between Carcassonne and Toulouse and I could catch a regular train from there.
  2. Let us assume I find another way to get to my destination (car sharing, rental car etc), how do I know my scheduled train return trip is actually not cancelled which it probably is the case since the line between Marseille and Bordeaux is closed more or less in the middle due to the latest flooding and major repair work needed.
  3. If I was the SNCF I would plan to let the trains run all the way to the problem area, organise a shuttle bus for the problematic 20kms and catch another train to the destination after the blockage. OK it needs an additional train and crew which should not be an issue. But of course it is a public service so anything to annoy the customers must be done.

We need to privatise the lot urgently and get rid of the dead wood.

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 11.59.38.png

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