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Bon bout d’an

et à l’an que ven It is unlikely you will understand unless you come from Marseille and obviously speak French. I happen to “almost” have these two qualities.     Have a good year end and see you in the … Continue reading

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Back home

Blue sky back home today and a very mild temperature too. Now I remember why I moved to the south. Things are back to normal. Apéritif in les “Halles” where I found my friends. Followed by a quick snack and … Continue reading

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Souvenir 2014

Xmas 5 years ago

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Winter is upon us

Winter has arrived for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. The good news is that as of today, days are getting longer and we are on the way to summer. The bad news is that we have to … Continue reading

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Project “Domotics”

Laying awake in the middle of the night and incapable of finding sleep my mind wonders from one possible project to the other. With the onset of the New Year almost upon us and the inevitable resolutions, I have decided … Continue reading

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At the airport in Toulouse waiting for friends returning back from down under (Australia). The flight is running a little late so I can enjoy a hot drink. The ride to the airport was exceptionally smooth and fast and this … Continue reading

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