Auto consumption

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Currently studying, comparing and checking offers in preparation for a tel. co. later this afternoon.

This will be the 3rd attempt to get a project on the road to install solar (photovotaic) panels to reduce our dependance on grid electricity by producing some of our own. Of course the added bonus is supposed to be cheaper energy bills whilst reducing our own carbon footprint.

It has not been easy so far and we have had to deal will some cowboy outfits promising wonders. Based on a friend’s recommendation we contacted Engie and so far they appear to know their business and are professional about it all. We received 2 offers from them this morning which we are to discuss with them by phone later this afternoon.

I must confess, it is still quite satisfying to create excel tables which are in line with the offers received.

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 15.26.47

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