Project on the go (III)

Further to my previous 2 posts on the matter “Project on the go (I) & (II)” things are progressing.

I did a few download speed tests yesterday with astounding results:

  • From my iMac which is connected by cable to the Orange Livebox, I obtained an average of 421,50 Mb/s which is more than acceptable since my contract is for 400 Mb/s.
  • From the same iMac but this time connected to the same Orange Livebox by WIFI, the results dropped to an average of 186,21 Mb/s. Quite a drop.
  • From my MacBook Air connected to the WIFI network through the WIFI extender, I obtained an amazing 23,75 Mb/s on average. An absolute disaster.

This last one is the WIFI network the TV uses. No wonder we get non-stop buffering. So I did a bit of research with the following results:

Orange now offers a 2 Gb/s connection for €10 more than my current contract. Because it is a combined mobile telephone and internet package, the monthly mobile data package is automaticall increased to 50 Go instead of 10 Go.

There is also a new and improved WIFI repeater available.

The next steps are clear. I need to take advantage of this offer.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 12.31.19

So earlier today I went to the local Orange shop and was greeted with the usual queue and apparent inefficiency. I do not know why it takes so long for some customers to be dealt with. Anyway after a 55 minutes wait, I did get served and it did not take more than 5 minutes.

I have now a new contract and 2 new pieces of equipment. The latest Livebox 5 which dishes up to 2 Gb/s (admittedly a maximum of 1 GB/s by share equipment) and a new WIFI repeater. I have been told the changes on the line will be effective tomorrow so I shall wait till then to unpack and install it all.


I need to remind everyone, that the whole project is due to the fact that my dear other half is wishing to watch English TV via VPN. In fact a TV stick is currently on order. Everyone knows that a VPN connection does slow things down so it is most important to have the fastest connection possible. I hope this will do the trick.

I still have to install a VPN router between the WIFI Repeater and the smart TV / stick. I have decided to test and go for the cheaper option using a Raspberry PI 3 which should be delivered to my son today for him to set it up. I shall of course keep you informed of the progress.

Keep computing


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