Auto consumption (II)

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I think I have calmed down enough to be able to report what I would qualify as a calamity.

Further to my first post on the subject at the beginning of the month, I signed and paid for an order asking Engie to send an engineer to do the necessary technical assessment of feasibility based on the offers I had received from them. At the same time my contact at Engie wanted to start the necessary administrative requests. He called me in a panic Friday evening to inform me that he had received an email (see below in French) from the Batiments de France advising him that the project would be refused.

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 13.03.16.png


I do not even know what to say. In our day and age, trying to produce renewable energy should be a priority and encouraged. Attitudes have to change and a few solar panels on my roof are certainly not ruining the skyline.

So I am stuck, I am contemplating all sorts of action but am not sure how to proceed.

Any suggestion is more than welcome

Actually I am still furious about the whole issue

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 10.52.23.png

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  1. That was cool, 30mins learning something I never even thought about.

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