Project “Domotics”

Laying awake in the middle of the night and incapable of finding sleep my mind wonders from one possible project to the other.

With the onset of the New Year almost upon us and the inevitable resolutions, I have decided on a course of action.

I need to make my home secure. À spate of burglaries in the area and a visit to the local constabulary (to help a friend translate) reinforced my mind that some action is needed.

I am talking about “Domotics” also referred to “Smart Home“.

Why not integrate intelligent solutions to make the house safer as well entertaining and more eco friendly. This is what is buzzing around in my head right now : alarms, cameras, light show, sirens, connected services, energy management etc.

Obviously a lot to sort out but I shall start drawing plans and initiate sub-projects and costing.

This what I like to do

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