Happy New Year

And a Happy New Decade
Was a fairly busy and generally good year. If you follow the blog, you are aware of this.
Looks even busier. I have highlighted the main vacation plans in a previous post. Some are already booked. In addition there are a few projects I would like to go through.
  1.  Switch to renewable energy by having photovoltaic panels installed. I have started research on the matter and found out very quickly that there are lots of unreliable companies which are trying to take advantage. I am currently involved with EDF who are taking matters professionally and seriously. Unfortunately the architects of the “Batiments de France” have to give their permission and are currently opposing this project.
  2. I fancy obtaining a drone flying license with the obvious goal to purchase a decent  machine and pursue my interests in photography. I have started my research on the matter to find out areas which are forbidden. I would not be too keen to have to drive a long way every time I fancied a flight.
  3. Once upon a time I was a fairly good marksman. I have discovered a Rifle shooting club in town and fancy having another go. An additional advantage would be meeting an additional crowd.
  4. etc etc
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