I like to be beside the seaside

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 11.47.03Went to investigate the “Village de Noël” in Le Barcarès yesterday. What an impressive and kind of weird thing. It only took 1 hour drive to the coast and the beach where the market is built every year. There is a small entrance fee of 5€ at weekends and during school holidays, if not the standard is 2€ for an adult. Six of us went in the day time for some lunch and it was a first for all of us. The sun was shining, blue sky and warm enough to sit outside for a couple of apéritifs and fondue lunch.

Unlike the average Xmas Market, this place is full of solid and large wooden constructions which are assembled and disassembled once a year. There are proper bars and restaurants with large choice of drinks and menus. Plenty of activities to keep the younger generations happy.

Late afternoon the place was beginning to seriously buzz. Loads of people streaming in, light shows and DJ music everywhere.

We need to come back in the evening sometimes. For sure next year before Xmas


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