Saint Vincent Feast

Life in Carcassonne

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The big day arrived yesterday. The weather was a bit warmer than last year on the same day which meant that the procession starting on time at 10:15am place Gambetta could proceed through town in a very comfortable manner.

There were of course the usual stops en route starting with the one in front of the house where Mr Prosper Montagné lived rue de Verdun. The French horns followed by the choir gave the right tone to start the event in particular since the song which was interprted was “L’Hymne au Cassoulet”

(short video available here)


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Next stop a few hundred yards later was on Place Carnot where the weekly market was in full swing and the shoppers were treated to a couple of renditions from the French horns as well as the choir.

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Literally around the corner we were all invited, for the 1st apéritif of the day, at the “Club Taurin”. Delicious wine and of course a couple of songs from our unwearying choir.

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From there it is 400 yards to the next stop through the busy shopping street and a brief stop in front of the Eglise des Carmes for yet another rendition. Finally we arrive at the Saint Vincent church for the ceremony of bleesing the wine. We must not forget that Saint Vincent is the patron saint of the wine-growers. We are all welcomed in the church by the superb sound of the organ as well as the French horns.

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The service over, the procession forms up again and we walk to the Halles Montagné where lunch will be served after the obligatory aperitif. A total of 400 guests in a very convivial atmosphere.


A small selection of people who make this event possible and pleasurable and we must not forget all those who work behind to organise and prepare things.

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All photos and videos (more to come) are available in the cloud when following this link. All photos are copyright © Michel Marsenac 2020 © Jean-Jacques Sauvaget 2020


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