Souvenir 2010

Amsterdam at the end of March

I have been to Amsterdam quite a lot over the years for business or for pleasure. From my last house in northern Germany it was a mere 4 hours leisurely drive, the speed limit on motorways in Holland is 120kph. Another favorite method to travel there was by train. Also 4 hours and the main station is very central. Parking your car is always an issue in Amsterdam and frankly you do not need one. Everything is reachable on foot or by tram. On this particular occasion we were meeting my friends Chris and Julia from the UK.

Plenty going on even at this time of year. The party boats are out. This is an aspect of life in this town I have not tried yet.


One of goals was to visit the Keukenhof Tulip Garden which opens around March 20th till the end of May. It is certainly worth a visit. On many occasions I flew into Amsterdam usually to catch a transatlantic flight and a few times we flew over the garden. It is an amazing sight of clours and patterns.




We played the tourists which much involve a boat tour on the canals. The 2 photos below bring back a lot of memory because on another occasion I actually stayed on that boat for a few days. I remember having my morning coffee sitting out next to the fake palm tree with boats full of tourists passing by. On this occasion, I was one of the tourists.



Screenshot 2019-10-19 at 10.38.50

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