Wine (II)

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Went, as planned, to the lovely Corbière region and specifically to the Boutenac area. As one of the many and varied vineyards in the AOC Languedoc, the Corbière Boutenac is among the top wine ranking.

The drive from home is about 40 minutes through a wonderful and at times wild landscape.

Away from the main road you find the Chateau Ollieux Romani where we were received rather nicely and immediately offered 3 different wines to taste.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 13.38.00.png

I knew what I wanted to purchase and bought 3 cases of Classique Rouge (which is the wine I had for lunch yesterday in the restaurant La Grande Bouffe). After having tasted the Prestige Rouge which is aged in oak barrels I had to buy 1 case as well.

They have many other wines. Some of the Rosé looked quite interesting but it is not rosé-drinking-time-of-year so I shall have to come back in the spring when the sun is out to sample a few and replenish. In the meantime here follows their main selection.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 13.19.45Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 13.19.26Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 13.18.52Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 13.18.08

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 12.12.18

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