Holiday in Morocco V, VI

Holiday in Morocco V

Woke up this morning with the same feeling that this was not the place for us. After a very mediocre breakfast from a quality and choice point of view there was only one course of action needed.
Time was spent in the reception area to be able to link to the internet and try and find alternative accommodations.  We finally did in the luxury hotel we stayed in last year which is great despite the fact we have to wait 48 hours and of course it is 3 times the price.
We walked into town to celebrate and do a bit of shopping in the supermarket we knew. Bits and pieces were purchased but more importantly a bottle of gin (there is no alcohol in the hotel) and some tonic so that we can enjoy nice aperitifs for the next 2 days. Before we can do that, we need to procure some glasses which is another amenity missing in the rooms.
From the outside the hotel does not look too bad and somehow quaint with local design and decorations. But under the white paint it is another story.
Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 08.24.15.png
We decide to spend a couple of hours around the pool and soak some sun in. Lunch was of course a mistake, it does not matter which mustard or sauce you use, cardboard remains cardboard.
Lazy afternoon, a pleasant enough nap, watch the sunset and it is time to go out for dinner at a restaurant on the beachfront which we patronised a fair amount last year. El Toro has not changed, excellent service, good atmosphere, good food at very reasonable price.
Early night in bed.
Holiday in Morocco VI
Woke up to a very hazy day. No water in the bathroom so no shower. I shall be glad to leave this place. We walk up to town slowly, go once again to the supermarket to get a bottle of whisky, content of which will be my night cap in the coming days.

The booze section is at the back of the shop and kind of isolated but the choice is good.

It is then time for the daily morning Mint Tea. In the meantime I have learned to ask for the sugar on the side.
Always good to watch the world go by. It is almost time for our lunch appointment with Brent and Bryan (from Carcassonne) so we make our way to the Tennis Club’s restaurant.
Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 08.29.55.png
We had a very pleasant lunch and made a reservation for Friday which is Royal Couscous day. Certainly am looking forward to that. Back at the hotel it is snooze time at the pool. Back to the room and miracle… the water is back.
A couple of Gin & Tonic in the unique and shared glass is needed as apéritif before we make our way to another restaurant “O’Playa” along the beach promenade.
Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 08.36.41

Dinner was pleasant enough

Back to our terrible hotel for the last night there.

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Holidays are fun

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