Holiday in Morocco X

Some shopping had to be done so after the usual hearty breakfast we set off on foot to the town centre. It was not difficult to find the couple of bits we wanted at the chemist and at the booze store. We had time for a nice green tea which is becoming a habit in the morning.

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 14.48.22.png

On the way back we discovered a “mini” souk next to the beach which we did not know existed. Unfortunately we have no room left to bring anything back in the plane.

Back at the hotel we grabbed some lunch and a bier before having the almost, but this time really needed, daily nap before retiring to the beach for a couple of hours. A lot of wind and big waves was appreciated by the surfers and spectators like us.

We stayed in the hotel in the evening for a quick bite to eat and a bottle of wine before retiring to our room for a night cap.

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 14.55.17.png

The long walk to town and back in the morning was tiring. A good night sleep followed.

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Holidays are fun

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