Holiday in Morocco XII

Yesterday was traveling back day. We were the first and only “customers” for breakfast before retiring to the room for final packing. Checking out was easy albeit a little painful. The final bill was quite high.

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 14.34.52.png

The 1st leg was to catch a cab from the hotel to the “Gare Routière” to take our bus to Marrakech. It arrived on time and left on the dot. I am very impressed with this company “Supratours” and in particular their so-called comfort version.

IMG_9864 copy.jpeg

After a 3 hours+ comfortable journey through some great scenery at times,

IMG_9863 copy.jpeg

we arrived at the gare routière in Marrakech on time and jumped in one of the taxis to go to the airport. It is only a short ride and we have 3 hours to spare before our flight. I must say there is not so much to do at the airport and internet was not working either. Beware that you cannot pay in the local currency in the duty free shops in case you want to get rid of your remaining change.

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 14.38.27.png

Boarding was a little chaotic having had to wait outside for quite a while before a bus turned up and in which we also had a long wait before it took us to the aircraft. Priority boarding does not make much sense in this case. Saying all that, the flight was pleasant enough with excellent views of the coast, the Straight of Gibraltar which is not very wide. It is only 14.3 kms seperating the African continent to Europe.

IMG_9882 copy

The entrance to the Mediterranean

You know you are approaching Toulouse when you fly over the Pyrenees Mountains

IMG_9885 copy.jpeg

Very smooth landing in Toulouse and it did not take long to disembark, go through passport control, get our cases and walk to the hotel where the car was parked.

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 11.58.07

My version of the flight path used

Wrong time of day to go around Toulouse but actually the traffic was not that bad. Got home just after 8pm exactly 12 hours after we left the hotel in the morning. The heating had to be turned on as it was freezing cold at least compared to what we were used to during the past couple of weeks. Of course there is nothing in the fridge for so we walked to the local Japanese restaurant for dinner and a night cap at the local wine bar.

End of this holiday.

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