Confinement – Day 1

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I guess I’ll have to celebrate alone together with my Irish spouse

Tuesday March  17th

Just gone past 12 o’clock on Tuesday March 17th which means the first 15 days period of confinement in France has officially started. As I expected, president Macron announced this new measure last night. For the time being it is planned for 2 weeks but it is seems clear to me that it will have to be extended.

I have translated a list of businesses and shops which are allowed to remain open for the time being. It can be found on this link. So basically as from now travel is prohibited except in the following cases and only on condition that you have a certificate:

  • To travel from home to work when telework is not possible
  • Shopping for basic necessities in authorized local shops
  • To go to a health professional
  • To travel for childcare or to help vulnerable people, under the strict condition that the barrier gestures are respected
  • Exercise only on an individual basis, around the home and without any gathering

Violations of these rules will be punished by a fine ranging from 38 to 135 Euros

I have uploaded a PDF copy of the certificate on my cloud if you follow this link

I have also uploaded on this link a translated list of authorised shops


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