Confinement – Day 7

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Monday March 23rd

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It has been a fairly quiet weekend at home. For my part, I have settled in a routine which suits me. Fortunately the weather has been pleasant enough allowing us to enjoy some hours outside soaking the sun (and rosé). It will not be the case for the next couple of days at least

I have not been out on the streets for 6 days now strictly obeying the confinement rules. Apparently this is not the case for everybody and as a result a curfew will be implemented. Details to follow. At the bottom of this post I have started giving regional statistics on the situation. I maintain an excel sheet in myCloud.

More to come as the day goes on


Gérard Larrat, the mayor of Carcassonne, announced on Monday 23 March shortly after 3 p.m. that he had signed a curfew order for his city.

The curfew order is from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. in order to protect the population from those who do not respect the rules of confinement, who gather or leave for unjustified reasons, who by their attitude put themselves and the rest in danger as well. Only rare exceptions to this curfew will be tolerated for medical staff of course, but also for those who are obliged to work for the continuity of public service or for the replenishment of authorized businesses.


The list of opened shops, services has been updated and can be found in the town’s home page following this link.

Information: Declaration made by Mr Larrat yesterday 6pm – Curfew

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🇬🇧 Dear friends,
I have been alerted again many times today, as have my security officials, the elected officials and on-call managers of the City, to the suicidal behaviour of a part of the population that does not respect the confinement, and who gather in our streets and gardens, day and night. Once again, beyond taking an ill-considered risk to their own health, these individuals pose an immense risk to our community as a whole because they participate in spreading the virus. This is intolerable.
As I told you yesterday, I appealed to the Prefect of the Aude to get the necessary security forces to enforce this containment as soon as possible, and I appealed for the deployment of the army because we need help, due to a lack of manpower.
The Prefect immediately assured me that there has been an upsurge in controls, but it must be noted that our municipal and national police officers are not sufficient in number and are exhausted on the ground by the guilty and irresponsible attitude of a few.
The city is fighting as hard as it can, working as hard as it can and with the means at its disposal to protect the population, but it will not be able to continue to exhaust itself in this way.
I would therefore like to announce that, in any case, I believe that we will not escape a curfew order in Carcassonne in the next few hours.
A draft decree is being drawn up and will be presented to me tomorrow, and I will have no hesitation in signing it in the early hours of the day.
You know that you can count on all my determination, given the health issues at stake and the maximum protection I owe you.
Take care of yourself.

🇫🇷  Chers amis,
J’ai été à nouveau alerté à de nombreuses reprises aujourd’hui, comme mes élus à la sécurité, les élus et cadres d’astreinte de la Ville, du comportement suicidaire d’une partie de la population qui ne respecte pas le confinement, et qui se regroupe dans nos rues et jardins, de jour comme de nuit. Encore une fois, au-delà d’une prise de risque inconsidérée pour leur propre santé, ces individus font courir un risque immense à notre communauté dans son ensemble car ils participent à véhiculer le virus. C’est intolérable.
Comme je vous le disais hier, j’ai saisi madame la Préfète de l’Aude pour que nous obtenions au plus vite les forces de sécurité nécessaires pour faire respecter ce confinement, et j’en ai appelé au déploiement de l’armée car nous avons besoin d’aide, par manque d’effectif.
Madame la Préfète m’a aussitôt assuré d’une recrudescence des contrôles qui a été opérée, mais force est de constater que nos policiers municipaux et nationaux ne sont pas suffisants en nombre et s’épuisent sur le terrain, par l’attitude coupable et irresponsable de quelques-uns.
La Ville se bat comme elle le peut, travaille le plus qu’elle le peut et avec les moyens dont elle dispose pour protéger la population, mais ne pourra pas continuer à s’épuiser ainsi.
Je tiens donc à vous annoncer qu’en tout état de cause, je pense que nous n’échapperons pas à la prise d’un arrêté de couvre-feu à Carcassonne dans les prochaines heures.
Un projet d’arrêté est à la rédaction et me sera présenté dès demain, et je n’hésiterai aucunement à le signer dès les premières heures de la journée.
Vous savez pouvoir compter sur toute ma détermination, compte tenu des enjeux de santé et la protection maximale que je vous dois.
Prenez soin de vous.

Information: Certificate of exemption

There are 3 additional grounds allowing travel / going out.

The original attestation / certificate remains however unchanged.

☐ Travel resulting from a summons issued by an administrative court or judicial authority.
☐ Travel for the sole purpose of participating in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority and under the conditions specified by it.
☐ Travel solely for the purpose of participating in missions in the public interest at the request of the administrative authority and under the conditions which it shall specify.

Information: Bill “State of Health Emergency” has been tabled. One of the bills provides for a tightening of penalties for citizens who do not respect the confinement with a first fine of 135 euros, which will increase to 1,500 euros in the case of a repeat offence within 15 days, then to 3,700 euros and six months in prison in the case of four violations within 30 days.

Fun: As seen on instagram

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International Statistics: Top 10 countries according to the deaths count.

Sunday 22nd March

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Saturday 21st March

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 09.18.15

The largest increase in percentage compared to the previous day is the UK with 13,14% followed by Holland with 12,8% and the US by 12,58%.

► Percentage increase of deaths from one day to the other: I cannot resists making an excel chart. Between Saturday and Sunday, the USA had the largest percentage increase. At the other end of the table China has seriously stabilized.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.51.59.png

► Regional Statistics: Occitanie & Aude (Thank you Sam for the link)

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