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Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 18.07.37.pngI have some issues with my computers / digital equipment for which I simply cannot find a solution.

Basically the 1st 3 pieces of equipment below all the time:

✒︎ My old and trusted iMac 27

✒︎ My cherished MacBook Air

✒︎ My indispensable iPhone

✒︎ My very old 1st generation iPad bought in Hong Kong before iPads were on sale in the US. It is so old that it is more a deco object than something I use.

✒︎ A Mac Mini gathering dust.

✒︎ A couple of Kindle Fire tablets one of which is used as a bedside table ornament / alarm clock and anti insomnia device and a newer one which I use when I go away.

The iMac, MacBook, iPhone do synchronise all the time and in particular memos, calendar entries and obviously data in cloud applications such as Evernote, Dropbox etc.

I have a serious issue with the synchronisation of contacts and namely:

  • iPhone to MacBook OK
  • MacBook to iPhone OK
  • iPhone to iMac & iMac to iPhone Not OK
  • MacBook to iMac & iMac to IPhone Not OK

All are running under the same Apple & iCloud name. I have just spent another hour experimenting but no success. If anyone has an idea how to solve this issue, let me know. It must have worked once at least since this is how the contacts were transfered originally from the iMac.

Now I have to do double entries and I am bound to forget some


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