French language

Despite the fact I have been speaking very little French over the past 30 years,  it is still mother tongue. Couple of affairs with English and German simply did not hurt.

🇫🇷  Il  y a une citation que j’aime beaucoup sur la langue française :

“La langue française est une femme. Et cette femme est si belle, si fière, si modeste, si hardie, touchante, voluptueuse, chaste, noble, familière, folle, sage, qu’on l’aime de toute son âme, et qu’on n’est jamais tenté de lui être infidèle.”

Anatole France (Ecrivain Français 1844-1924)º

🇬🇧  There’s a quote that I really like about the French language:

“The French language is a woman. And this woman is so beautiful, so proud, so modest, so bold, so touching, voluptuous, chaste, noble, familiar, crazy, wise, that we love her with all our soul, and we are never tempted to be unfaithful to her.”

Anatole France  (French Writer 1844-1924)º

º Anatole France studied at Collège Stanislas in Paris which I also attended at some point in my education.

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