Confinement – Day 16

3rd week of confinement

Wednesday April 1st 2020

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 16.04.59.png

April’s fool day although there is little to joke about


Not too much as far as real news are concerned. I shall spare you the controversies of political nature going on at the moment. Obviously the politiciens are mostly confined and have nothing better to do than attack for personal gains instead of helping. It is disgraceful.

Anyway, the number of infections is still growing and does not show any sign of slowing down yet. The biggest increase in the past 24 hours (Monday to Tuesday) were:

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 13.02.37.png

(Highlights are countries I follow closely)
11:00 In fact one of my brothers was hospitalised the day before yesterday. I received an sms from him a short while ago saying he was stable.
14:00 He is now out of intensive care and will be transfered to a recovery clinic to free the bed up.


►Information: Income tax / Revenus declaration

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 21.28.11.pngYou’re going to have a little more time to fill out your tax return. Originally scheduled to start on April 9, it is postponed a few days and will finally start “from April 20”. Announcement by Gérald Darmanin on TF1, Tuesday 31 March. For those who file their tax return on paper, they will also be entitled to “an extra month, especially those who have to go to the public finance centres”, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts said.

►Information: Recipes

We tried yesterday , Carole cooked and I ate it, the Thai Red Curry recipe from Guy.        I can confirm it is excellent and rather hot (even for me). I can only recommend it.

►Information: Whats App

Several users have reported receiving an alarming message via WhatsApp messaging in recent days. The text in question refers to a “Gold” version of the messaging application, as well as a video entitled “Martinelli” that allegedly hides a virus. This video is false information, just like the talking message in the “Dance of the Dad” video. On the other hand, the premium version of WhatsApp is an old but well-known scam.

I personally have stopped using WhatApp months ago because it is too unreliable, not safe and a Facebook company. I am about to drop Instagram (another Facebook company) as well although here I am looking for a safe European alternative.

►Information: As usual more to come during the day if available


Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 15.58.49.png

☠️ The dreaded daily statistics 💀

► International Statistics: Top 10 countries according to the deaths count.

Tuesday 31st March

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 11.45.07.png

Monday 30th March

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 09.56.55.png

► Percentage increase of deaths from one day to the other: 

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 11.59.47.png

► Regional Statistics: Occitanie & Aude  

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 11.53.08.png

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 11.49.27.png

► Statistics: Percentage of cases by country v population (1.000 cases or more only)

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 12.58.02.png

Obviously one has to question the reported data from Russia / India & China

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