Test flight maybe?

You do not see or hear many planes in the sky at the moment but I did hear one yesterday morning.  Living not too far from Toulouse and Airbus homebase, I sometimes see one of, I assume, test plane. I could hear it yesterday but not see it. I could tell it was travelling high and slow. Thre is one thing left to do, log in Flight Radar and indeed I identified the culprit which was flying at 220 knots (not fast for a A330). I followed it on and off for a couple of hours and as you can see below it certainly manoeuvered around a lot. Quite interesting to see and with the lack of air traffic at the moment a fairly safe thing to do.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 12.21.48.png

Eventually it flew back in a westerly direction from the Mediteranean to Toulouse Airport. I actually caught sight of it when it went over my house in Carcassonne and I took a photo of it.


When confined, one has to find things to do.


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