A turtle named Amelie

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 11.28.25.png

Funny enough that is the name of my classic 40 years old green buggy. Turtle because of the fairly low speeds I can travel with it as well as the colour. Amelie, why not?

Anyway, on my extensive to do list during this lockdown period and with the approaching relaxing some of the rules (hopefully), I had marked for today “start the car”. I was anticipating it would take a little bit longer than it it. To my surprise, it sprung alive straight away after the 4 months or so of hibernation.


The weather being so nice and already fairly hot, we registered 32ºC in the shade this afternoon, I had decided to completely strip it off. I usually only take the upper half of the doors away as well as the sides and hatch. This time I wanted it completely open. It did not take me long to take the top and sides down.

Time to take it out for a test drive. Remember I have not been out for 43 days due to the lockdown but essential shops are open and that includes shops selling plants, flowers and garden accessories. Incognito I drove down to the nearest place a few kilometres  away.


A small queue outside of maybe 6 people all keeping to the safety distance. Only 15 people allowed in the shop at one time.


Back home, I decided to also dismantle the side posts. Easily said and easily. Now the turtle is in full summer mode. Tomorrow it will get a proper foam bath and rub down.



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2 Responses to A turtle named Amelie

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  2. Brent McTavish says:

    So Cool! Love it JJ and good to know Jardiland is open. Once we get our car battery replaced or at least started again we’ll hopefully go and get some plants for the terrace.

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