May 17th 2020

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La vérité d’aujourd’hui n’est pas forcément vraie demain

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Day 61 in Carcassonne and 7th day of controlled de-confinement

🎶 A  favorite oldie to brighten up the day and bring back memories 🎶

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Quite a unexpected sunny day today which will also be the case for the coming week by the looks of it.

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I might make it to the seaside tomorrow and hopefully find a take away place where I could get some sea urchins. I shall look on line later today.

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I think today is turtle playing time. I’ll take it out in a while.



I am thinking of starting a Q&A page. I receive questions on a regular basis and I have been trying to find the answers. I think some could benefit. I’ll think about a possible format during the day.

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The daily Dashboard

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Data will no longer be published by ARS Occitanie (Agence Regionale de Santé) on a daily basis but only twice a week.

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Information & News + Tips

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▶︎ Ryanair

Ryanair currently operates around 30 flights a day. It could rise to a thousand daily flights as of 1 July, if European governments lift their restrictions on intra-EU routes. Ryanair’s objective is to return to 40 % of its pre-pandemic flight schedule by giving priority not to a maximum number of flights on high-traffic routes but to a maximum number of destinations, even if this means reducing the number of daily or weekly frequencies on the main routes. Ryanair should thus resume its flights from most of its 80 European bases.

▶︎ Germany from

🇩🇪 Lockerungen zu Frankreich
Auch die Grenzkontrollen zu Frankreich werden gelockert: Es dürfen künftig wieder alle Übergänge genutzt werden. Statt systematischer Kontrollen werde es dort nur noch “Stichprobenkontrollen” geben. Zwischen Kehl am Rhein und Frankreich dürfen vor allem Familien, die sich auf beide Rheinseiten verteilen, die Grenzen passieren, teilt die Stadt Kehl auf ihrer Website mit: Unverheiratete Paare ohne gemeinsamen Wohnsitz dürften sich wieder treffen; Familien wichtige Familienfeste wieder gemeinsam feiern oder Angehörige im Altersheim auf der anderen Rheinseite besuchen.

Eine komplette Aufhebung der Reisebeschränkungen zwischen Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Frankreich soll es laut Bundesinnenministerium am 15. Juni geben. An der Grenze zu Italien bleiben alle Einreisebeschränkungen bis auf Weiteres in Kraft. Das Land selbst hat in der Nacht zum Samstag angekündigt, dass Einreisen nach Italien ab Anfang Juni möglich sein sollen

🇬🇧 Easier crossing from France
Border controls with France will also be relaxed: in future, all crossings may be used again. Instead of systematic controls there will only be “spot checks”. Between Kehl am Rhein and France, especially families spread over both sides of the Rhine will be allowed to cross the border, the city of Kehl announced on its website: Unmarried couples without joint residence may meet again; families may celebrate important family celebrations together again or visit relatives in the old people’s home on the other side of the Rhine.

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the travel restrictions between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France will be completely lifted on 15 June. At the border with Italy, all entry restrictions will remain in force until further notice. The country itself announced in the night to Saturday that entries into Italy should be possible from the beginning of June.

▶︎ Robot dog

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🇩🇪 Der Roboterhund „Spot“ patrouilliert in einem Park in Singapur und erinnert Passanten an die Einhaltung der Corona-Maßnahmen. Ausgestattet mit Kameras und Sensoren macht das Gerät auch Ansagen. „Lets keep Singapur healthy“, heißt es da. „Zu ihrer eigenen und der Sicherheit ihrer Mitmenschen: Halten Sie bitte mindestens einen Meter Abstand!“. Das Ziel ist es, weniger Mitarbeiter für die Patrouillen im Park Einsätzen zu müssen.

🇬🇧 The robot dog “Spot” patrols a park in Singapore and reminds passers-by that corona measures must be observed. Equipped with cameras and sensors, the device also makes announcements. “Lets keep Singapore healthy,” it says. “For their own safety and the safety of those around them: please keep a distance of at least one meter. The goal is to reduce the number of staff needed to patrol the park.

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Food & Drinks

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No new recipe but a guide of the fruits and vegetables on offer in May

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The daily selection


Madeleine Casmo_ 130 memes de Donald Trump and….png

39 Anti Trump Memes For Those In The Resistance.jpeg

Madeleine Casmo_ 130 memes de Donald Trump and….jpeg

Lupe, der Satire-Blog_ Best of Donald Trump….jpeg

_Senator Kennedy_ - Twitter Search _ Twitter.png

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The dreaded Statistics

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On the official database, the current day’s data  is updated approximately every hour and the current day fills up as the figures are announced in each country. More info on:

1. International Statistics: Top 13 countries according to the deaths count

Saturday May 16th 2020

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Friday May 15th 2020

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 09.17.10.png

2. International Statistics: Percentage increase of deaths from one day to the other: 

Saturday May 16th 2020

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3. International Statistics: Cases by country v population (1.000 cases or more only)

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Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 09.46.31.png

4. National Statistics: France follow-up

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5.  Regional Statistics: Occitanie & Aude

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Data will no longer be published by ARS Occitanie (Agence Regionale de Santé) on a daily basis but only twice a week.

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