Souvenir 1974

Not an actual picture of the car I was using but exactly the same model. I shared an apartment with a group of friends near King of Prussia near Villanova. This car was kind of “spare” and I simply had the full use of it for a few months.

We used it a lot for the runs into Delaware to go and purchase booze for our parties. It was much cheaper than in Pennsylvania and not everyone had the legal age of 21 required in Pennsylvania.

We also has access to the Navy base for these purchases and it made everything much cheaper.

This brings back a load of memories

King of Prussia also reminds me of a night club called Cahoots which was in the basement of the Sheraton hotel. I see on line that the hotel still exists, so does the indoor swimming pool but no mention of a night club. Shame as I would love to get in touch with some of the many people I knew there at the time.

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