June 3rd 2020

Day 77 – 2nd day of de-confinement phase II

Early start

for me this morning. I had my first appointment with my doctor since January 5 months ago. I was the first patient of the day and was out of the surgery within 15′. Just the way I like it.

Last evening we had a stroll through town and for the 1st time in 3 months could stop at a bristot’s terrace for an apéritif. Finally the world is coming back to some sort of normality.

There is a long way to go of course and one has still to be extremely careful. I hope things will carry on improving.

Pic of the day

Almost the view from one of my favorite little bistro / restaurant in Paris. I used to hang out there a lot in my teens. I was there last in February this year for an excellent lunch. Of course the view was not so nice due to the scaffolding surrounding what looked to me as a very “fragile” Notre Dame. I certainly hope it can be fixed.

The daily dash board



Information, news and tips

Income tax: For those of you living in the Aude departement, I would like to remind you that tomorrow 23h59 is the last day for on line tax returns / income declaration for 2019.

Quietly thinking that I shall stop these daily “Confinement Day” posts, unless the situation changes dramatically, when the 3rd stage of the controlled de-confinement starts and namely June 22nd. Maybe a weekly report? Of course I shall keep maintaining my blog as and when things happen or come to mind.

Stop Covid – I have downloaded and activated the new app. I certainly would like to know immediately if I have been in contact / near an infected person.

Food and drinks

No new recipes today


The daily selection


The dreaded statistics

Top countries according to the number of deaths

Increase of deaths from previous day

Cases by country v population (1.000 deaths upwards)

France follow-up

Not sure what is happening with the reporting of deaths in retirement homes. New data will be available tomorrow apparently.

Occitanie & Aude follow-up

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