June 6th 2020

Day 80 – 5th day of de-confinement phase II

D Day

Also World Mini-Skirt Day

I think that the best news of the day is that as of yesterday evening, there were only 6 people hospitalised in the whole Aude departement and only 1 in intensice care. I certainly does not mean it is over but when added to the relaxing of the confinement rules earlier this week and the ability to sit outside with friends for a drink made the week pretty good so far. If only the sun would agree.

One cannot be be so optimistic about the UK though. The second country in the world as far as the number of deaths is concerned with over 40.000 (see statistics below).

This is the best one of the day as far as I am concerned

Pic of the day

The daily dash board



Information, news and tips

It could be an interesting insight: The Municipal Council of June 11th will take place at 4pm at the Congress Centre – Le Dôme. The public nature of the session will be ensured by the live broadcast of the City Council on the City’s website www.carcassonne.org via the Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/carcassonneville.

The town will distribute tissue masks again. This distribution will take place over 2 days on June 8th and 9th from 9am to 6pm non-stop. Each carcassonnais will be able to come and collect a washable mask, with proof of address and his family record book (if he wishes to collect some for his family members).

Food and drinks

Chicken with Lemon & Rosemary

from Guy

Serves 4 but can be halved for 2 people


The daily selection


The dreaded statistics

Top countries according to the number of deaths

Increase of deaths from previous day

I have enlarged the list to show all countries with more than 5.000 deaths (exception China with I am convinced are fake numbers)

Cases by country v population (1.000 deaths upwards)

France follow-up

Not sure what is happening with the reporting of deaths in retirement homes. Still no new data.

Occitanie & Aude follow-up

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