June 24th 2020

Day 97 – 10th day of de-confinement phase III


The situation appears to be getting worse. We are experiencing unprecedented numbers of new cases more than 150.000 worldwide in 24 hours.

Worse affected is South America and the USA.

Although the original virus came from China and spread to Europe, North and South America, it would appear that the current virus spreading in these regions originates from Europe.

I am not too happy with the evolution in France either. Thee has been many excesses in particular last weekend during the “Fête de la musique” all over the country.

Good habits from the past few weeks are falling by the wayside. I went to “Le Cours des Halles” yesterday to replenish on rosé wine and a few fruit. There is no station to santize your hands anymore, there is no way of cleansing the shopping trolleys either. This is one of many examples.

Without going to the extreme of a 100% confinement, I shall limit very severely my movements and taking part in gatherings.

The French daily average, based on the past 7 days, of new cases in still high and increasing

A sure indication that the virus is still very active also remembering that the true figure is probably much higher since there is no sytematic testing

The number of clusters in 🇫🇷 is also still on the increase

Map of hospital cases by region

Pic of the day

The daily dash board

World (New)

New – Data from WHO



Data from Saturday June 20th

Information, news and tips


After nearly three months of being the prime minister of misfires and bad news, Boris Johnson is finally hoping to become the prime minister of good news again. And close an episode that was both dramatic for the British (43,000 official deaths due to Covid-19) and disastrous for its popularity. On Tuesday 23rd June, he announced the almost total lifting of the confinement in England.

Pubs, restaurants, hotels, hairdressing salons, libraries, museums and theatres will be able to reopen on 4 July, provided that specific health measures are put in place. Only nightclubs or nail bars will have to wait a little longer. In addition, the 2-metre physical distance rule, which has hitherto been in force and which prohibited any return to normal in schools, tourism or the entertainment sector, will be abandoned in ten days’ time in favour of the 1-metre rule.

►The United States is not doing well. US health authorities on Tuesday expressed concern about a “worrying” outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in the country. “The next two weeks will be critical” for responding to these “worrisome” outbreaks, warned Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House chief immunologist, before a House of Representatives committee. Contrary to Trump’s implication that the increase in the number of tests (what a moron) is related to increases in the number of tests, the immunologist said the increase is primarily due to “contagion” among residents. “And that’s something that really worries me,” he said, with more than 32,000 cases diagnosed in the past 24 hours. It is in this context that the New York Times revealed on Tuesday that the European Union, which is reopening its external borders on 1 July, is considering banning the Americans from its territory.The daily paper cites two lists of countries whose nationals would be allowed to travel to Europe, although this is still under discussion among EU countries. And for the time being, given the health situation on the other side of the Atlantic, the Americans would be excluded from these two lists.

Food and drinks


The daily selection


The dreaded statistics

Top countries according to the number of deaths (above 5.000)

Turkey has made it to the top countries with more than 5.000 deaths

Increase of deaths from previous day

Cases by country v population (1.000 deaths upwards)

France follow-up

Occitanie & Aude follow-up

Data from June 20th
Data from June 20th


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