Beach time

We are indeed lucky to live where we are. Only an hour or so away from the ski slopes in the winter and an hour away from the long and large sunny beaches of the Côte Vermeille (Golf du Lion) in the summer. Day trips are more than possible and indeed this is what we did earlier this week.

The destination was Plage Biquet which is located on Leucate Plage and is famous in the area for its restaturant. Reservations are a must for the restaurant.

As a consequence of the current Corona Virus outbreak, the beach was empty of visitors for most of the day. The restaurant however filled up as from 12:30. I suspect a few people have their lunch break there. Not a bad life style.

We have already reserved for next week

We are trying another spot along the coast at the end of the week

⛱ ⛱ ⛱

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